India’s premium industrial roofing fasteners

About Us


India’s premium roofing Industrial fasteners manufacturers and suppliers. 

Roofix was established in 1998 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. We design, develop and market high-performance industrial fasteners & quality products for the construction industry. We represent several trusted national and international manufacturers. With premium quality and ethical production as our core values, our range of high-performing global quality roofing solutions is everything you need for the most durable and robust roofing construction.

Reasons to Choose Roofix Fasteners

We have over 25+ years of experience as industrial fastener manufacturers in India providing exceptional roofing solutions to the pre-engineered building industry, construction companies, quality roofing contractors, solar, and other industries. We are dedicated to designing, developing, and marketing high-performing roofing industrial fasteners and quality products for the roofing industry. 

We are India’s most premium industrial roof fastener manufacturers who have the right products for all your roofing needs. 

Roofix fasteners:

  • Are ductile
  • Coated with Rust Shield Coating
  • Avoid Hydrogen Embrittlement 
  • Hold the Steel Building Envelope 
  • Last longer than the ROOFING Sheets 
  • Are built to last

Made per the Australian Standard
AS 3566-2002 Class 3

Customized for the Indian

Made in Taiwan in bulk manufacturing
under strict quality control

Mission, Vision, And Values

Our mission is to provide consumers with best-in-class industry fasteners for safe roofing solutions and offer the most durable, long-lasting, and easy-to-install industrial roofing fasteners that save the consumer time and effort. Roofix is our range of the most premium quality self-drilling screws in the roofing industry. These screws are imported from ISO-certified companies across countries like Australia and South East Asia. It’s a perfect combination of renowned international design and India-specific customization.