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Roofix is the most premium quality self-drilling screws in the roofing industry imported from ISO-certified companies across countries like Australia and South East Asia. With renowned international design and India-specific customization, our roofing fasteners are built to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Roofix offers the best quality self-drilling screws for steel constructions. We have a wide range of industrial roofing fasteners based on the thickness of the steel which needs to be drilled. Our screws are anti-corrosive and perfect for roofing, wall cladding, Puf panel applications, and more.

Our Screws are made per the Australian Standard AS 3566-2002 Class 3. This standard defines the different requirements of screws based on the application of the screws. The screws are made in Taiwan in bulk manufacturing, ensuring quality manufacturing, consistency, best manufacturing practices, and quality checks at every stage of manufacturing, ensuring that the customer gets the best product.

Best self-drilling roofing fasteners in India! 

Best Self-Drilling Fasteners In Asia!

Fast and Stable Drilling Performance
Stringent, In-house Quality Control
Competitive price
High-performing and durable | AS3566-certified | Packed in Taiwan under strict quality checks

Premium fastening solutions

We are placed as the top quality industrial fastener manufacturers in India. We aim to provide our customers with the latest and best quality products at competitive prices. Our roof fasteners are long-lasting and easy to install for effective and durable roofing solutions. 

Our clients

With over 20 years of expertise in providing quality roofing solutions, we specialize in designing, developing, and marketing premium fasteners that cater to every market need. We have worked with several leading companies like Tata Bluescope, Apollo, MRF tyres undertaking many large industrial projects across India.

What our clients say:

Roofix is a very professional organization and technically very sound and prompt in their service. They also assist in choosing the right product and believe in quality which is evident in their products like SDST Screws, EPDM Washers, and Dekstrip Flashings. The products are available on demand, and they are easy to use. The products are attractively packed in required quantities. We have been using all their products for more than 15 years and are extremely satisfied with the products and the after-sales service, and there have been no corrosion-related issues. We strongly recommend them and their quality products.
Prakash Marwah
National Roofing Services






Flexible Couplings

Tile roof flashings



Fasteners cost less than 1-2% of the total cost of the building. Yet this is the weakest link that connects the Metal Roof to the secondary substrates.


Fasteners cost less than 1-2% of the total cost of the building. Yet this is the weakest link that connects the Metal Roof to the secondary substrates.

The choice of electrocoat

The choice of electrocoat over other coating techniques is usually driven by the lower total applied cost of electrocoat.

Benefits of using ROOFIX

​Right fasteners are offered based on the application and thickness of steel. Fasteners hold roof sheets to the purlin and protect roof sheets from corrosion and water leakage.