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Butyl Tape

Omega Aluminum Reinforced Butyl Tape

Omega Aluminum Reinforced Butyl Tape is an economy flashing roll consisting of an aluminum top sheet with an adhesive butyl backing. Omega is the perfect solution for everyday flashing and waterproof maintenance repairs.

Rolls are available from 50mm to 150mm in width and 10 meter roll lengths and are frequently used by roofing and building professionals to repair older, damaged roofing surfaces and to protect against existing or potential leak situations.

Omega is a multi-use flashing tape and can be used on cracked or damaged tiles, metal roofing, gutters and downpipes as well as many ad-hoc waterproofing requirements.


  • Flashing Windows
  • Waterproofing
  • Vapour-Sealing
  • Gutters Valleys
  • Roofing, Tile Metal
  • Pipework, Vents HVAC
  • Sheds, Verandah’s Carports
  • Water tanks

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